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Mass Finishing Solutions in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India

Mass finishing is a group of manufacturing processes that allow large quantities of parts to be simultaneously finished. Mass finishing solutions are used for various applications like De- burring, edge radius, De-scaling & De-rusting, Ra value improvement, Degreasing, Mirror finishing, Brightening, Burnishing, Polishing, Pre plate finishing & prepare parts for further finishing, or break off die cast runners. These involve the use of a cyclical action to create grinding contact between surfaces. Sometimes the work pieces are finished against each other; however, usually a finishing medium is used. Mass finishing can be performed dry or wet; wet processes have liquid lubricants, cleaners, or abrasives, while dry processes do not. Cycle times can be as short as 10 minutes for nonferrous work pieces or as long as 2 hours for hardened steel.

Torr dreams of a quality future environment by technological progress. As a pioneer of Mass finishing solutions, we are ready to meet customers’ needs with the most advanced technology.

Advantages of MASS Finishing Systems:

 Up to 80% reduction in labour involvement.
 No batch to batch variation (if required).
 Flexibility to process variety of components.
 Fully controlled process.
 Higher production.

Application & Industries

Aluminium Extrusion and Die Casting Brass Casting and Hardware Sintered Components
Compressor Components Automobile Components Bicycle Parts
Pressed Components Watch Parts Spectacle Frames and Components
Cutlery Hand Tools and Forgings Lock Parts and Components
Buckles, Bags and Shoe Fittings Turbine Blades Bearing Cages, Cases and Rollers
Plastic Components Gold, Silver and Imitation Jewellery Platinum Parts
Aircraft Components Ceramic Components Light and Lamp Fittings
Home Decor Items such as Bathroom Fittings, Railings Switchgear Fittings Gas Regulator Components
Surgical and Orthopaedic Items Clutch Plates Piston Rings and Brake Parts
Diesel Generator Components