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A leak can be defined as an unintended crack, hole or porosity in an enveloping wall or joint, which must contain or exclude different fluids and gases allowing the escape of closed medium. Critical leak spots in closed systems are usually connections, gaskets, welded and brazed joints, defects in material, etc. A leak test procedure is usually a quality control step to assure device integrity, and should preferably be a one-time non-destructive test, without impact on the environment and operators. Several leak-testing techniques are available, spanning from very simple approaches to systems that are more complex.

Torr has developed itself as a master in Leak Testing technology. Torr has near about 1200 satisfied and delighted deliveries & installations of leak testing machines of different type. We have developed unique Leak Testing Machines which are highly in demand. Our Leak Test Machines which have the capability of challenging tiniest leakages with highest accuracy with pressure drop & void methods.