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Disc Finishing Machine

Mass Finishing Process, in which a rotating base plate sets workpieces and granulate in motion in a toroidal stream. The very intense finishing effect up to 20 times more efficient than conventional vibrators.

Especially suitable for : small parts, large quantities of bulk goods.

Disc finishing machines are also high gravitational forced machines which work faster. It creates high centrifugal force which is generated due to a rotating disc.

Process time is lower than Vibratory Finishing Machines but more than Centrifugal Finishing Machines. The greater ease of loading and unloading and the possibility of In-process inspection of parts, makes it better than centrifugal machine. They are usually suitable for small components. The process is carried out in a cylindrical container which is open at the top and the bottom of which consists of a disc separated from the container wall by a gap. During operation, the work pieces and the grinding or polishing media in which they are immersed rotate at a high speed, creating a toroidal effect.