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Electric Servo Press Machines :
A press machine that uses a servomotor as the drive source, in applications where hydraulic presses are normally used is a servo press. In simpler words, a servo press is driven by a servo motor, unlike a standard flywheel, clutch and brake. Torrautomations Systems Pvt. Ltd. holds a high name in manufacturing the Electric Servo Press Machines which is not only extraordinary in performance but also a great energy saver. This Electric Servo Press is designed without using any traditional parts such as flywheel, press motor, pneumatic cylinder,clutch, brake, etc.

In order to adjust load precisely, the servo press embraces AC servo motor which push a low-backlash ballscrew and press punch, together with sensor and control parts. This process results in achieving high-repeatability processing quality. The Servo press by Torrautomation Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is characterized by numerous control methods with supple mixtures to execute actual press monitoring thereby not only reducing press yield rate and damage, but also saving on costs.

Benefits of Servo Press
There are various reasons why servo presses are fetching more attention and becoming popular nowadays, few of which are stated as under-
1) Enhanced Part Quality- A servo press generates tighter forbearances and a lesser amount of waste, for the actuator modifies mechanically during the course of the cycle via force feedback that is essential to the servo technology. In addition to this, part contamination due to hydraulic leaks is stamped out. As a result, scrap rates are reduced by up to 80% in comparison to hydraulic or servo-mechanical presses.

2) Precision Forming- Servo presses provide the utmost level of accurateness and precision of all the presses available.

3) Easy to maintain- Servo press is comparatively easy to maintain as it requires few components to attain force. As a result, it becomes very easy to manage and maintain servo press motor as compared to servo mechanical presses or hydraulic presses.

4) Endurance- Roller screw actuators ensures servo presses last up to 15 times lengthier and achieve greater load capacity than ball screw servo presses.

5) Energy Efficient– A huge amount of electricity is needed to control a hydraulic system, even when the press is idle. Also, hydraulic systems produce heat which must be controlled to avoid undue stress on the system. A servo press uses energy on-demand, producing energy and saves cost up to 70%.

6) Less Noise: The amount of noise produced by servo presses is much lesser than the motors and pumps which are driven by hydraulic pumps.

7) Standard Components – Servo presses uses standard components or parts, therefore, in case replacement is needed, downtime is on the minimum side.

8) Full Tonnage Throughout the Stroke – Servo presses are capable of commencing maximum pressing force at any point during the course of the stroke. This permits you to regulate numerous cycle constraints includinsg travel distance, pressure, and return position. It also excludes bottom dead centre problems connected with servo-mechanical presses.