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Long Radius Finishing Machine in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India

Long Radius Finishing Machine in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India Long Radius Finishing Machine
The LR concept offers a high degree of flexibility. Long radius machines can be used for in-line continuous processing and for batch processing. In batch processing, the machines are equipped with apneumatic separation flap. Batch processing in LR machines allows the processing of larger parts, with a minimum of part-on-part contact. Their main application is in-line, continuous-feed operation.Continuous-feed operation allows the LR machines to be placed directly into an in-line manufacturing process without having to invest in expensive batch loading equipment. In the continuous, single lap process, the Long Radius flow systems are ideal for fast deburring, edge breaking and radiussing. Parts made of zinc, aluminium or cast steel can be processed immediately after clipping or casting. Processing times of 4 to 16 minutes in asingle-pass cycle are

Model Outside Diameters 'U' Section Depth U Section (Lowest x Highest) Bowl Volume Motor (HP)
TVFM-80 LR 1026 136 93 x 407 80 0.5
TVFM-160 LR 1145 170 114 x 456 160 2.0
TVFM-350 LR 1766 250 275 x 865 350 5.0

Segmented Type Vibrator in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India Segmented Type Vibrator
 First time design and develop Segmented Type Vibrator Finishing Machine to process components individually in different segments avoid part topart hitting.
 Developed New De-Burring Media which wears very less compares to conventional Media.
 The wear rate of this New Media is 2gms/kg in 24 hours for coventional media.
 First time designed and develop our Own Leak Tester being used in leakage testing machine to check leakage on positive pressure method.