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Dry Leak Testing Machines in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India

Dry Type Leak Testing Machine :
Differential Sensor Based Leak Testing Machine to meesure pressure drop up to 0.1 Pascal. These machines are multi channel to test various chambers at different pressures and reject levels.
Fully automatic Quality control machines for proper traceability.

These machines are based on Pressure Decay Method. These machines consist of pressurizing the system with a defined pressure gas, usually dry air. Then the part is isolated from the gas supply and, after a stabilizing period, its internal pressure is monitored over time. The pressure drop is measured in the time. If the pressure in the system drops fast, there is a large leak present in that component or section of the system. If the system’s pressure drops slowly, there is a small leak present. If the pressure remains the same, that component is leak-free. The leak rate can easily be computed considering the volume of the component.

Advantages of these machines are:

 Fastest, most consistent test technique for 90+% components.
 Non-Operator Dependant and test data can be collected by printer or computer.
 Passed product can be automatically marked (ink, stamping, and engraving) to insure    parts are tested prior to subsequent processes.
 No cleaning/drying operations required after testing.
 System accuracy immune to most environmental conditions.
 p;Can be configured for 100% testing downstream of most bonding operations.