Helium Leak Testing Machines

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HELIUM Leak detection is used to detect micro-openings, porosities, etc. in test parts. The detection of these cracks involves the use of a light tracer gas which is capable of infiltrating the smallest leak quickly: Helium.

The detector samples and measures the helium flow rate entering the test part via the leaks.

Several methods can be used to test the part. The right one will be selected according to the test part and the measurement accuracy required.

 Leak rates down to 10-10 mbar / s can be detected
 both objects with vacuum or overpressure can be examined
 the objects can be examined during operation
 the examination can be performed fast and effective
 non poisonous, non explosive and inexpensive gasses are applied
 leaks can be detected in due time to prevent safety or operational hazards
 leaks can be detected in due time to prevent unplanned and expensive shut downs