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Barreling Finishing Machines proposed by TORR is one of the most complete and up-to-date available worldwide.
The Barreling Finishing Machines with circular tank are available starting from 40 litres till a maximum of 1200 litres capacity. There are standard models as well as high frequency ones suitable for ball burnishing, with automatic separation or manual unloading, with flat bottom or with spiral ramp.
All the Barreling Dryers are automatic with raising ramp and can carry out both batch and continuous cycles.
The rectangular machines (Barreling Series) for batch processes are available starting from a capacity of 12 litres till over 2000 litres, both in standard version and with high frequency for ball burnishing processes, with single or multiple motorization.
Linear machines are available both for deburring, with abrasive media, and for high frequency ball burnishing processes.

Barreling finishing Machine is a type of mass finishing manufacturing process used to de-burr, radius, de-scale, burnish, clean, and brighten a large number of relatively small work pieces. In this batch-type operation, specially shaped pellets of media and the work pieces are placed into the tub of a Barreling tumbler. The tub of the Barreling tumbler and all of its contents are then vibrated. The Barreling action causes the media to rub against the work pieces which yield the desired result. An eccentric, rotating weight shakes the tub in a circular path, during which the entire load is lifted up at an angle and then dropped. As the load is falling (but not actually airborne) the tub returns to an upward position, applying an upward and angular force that causes a shearing action where the parts and media rub against each other.

Silent Features:

 Optimum motor position and eccentric weight combination for excellent vibration
 Motor with energy efficient technology
 Stress relieved Bowl
 Shot blasting of Bowl
 Proper treatment of all welds
 Complete Polyurethane lining bowl
 Available with or without separation systems