Industrial Washing Machines

Industrial Washing Machines in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India

Torr offers cost saving solutions to cleaning & drying problems.
We offer custom-designed & standard line units for either batch or continuous processing.
Washing machine are built as per the customer’s requirement using latest & most modern eco-friendly cleaning technology using innovative ideas. Machines are equipped with various filtration systems for effective cleaning. The washing machines are also equipped with PLC controlled electrical panel to automatically monitor the various set parameters of the machines.

Conveyorised Spray Washing System in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India

Conveyorised Spray Washing System
 These are high productivity conveyorised part washers for continuous cleaning of parts.
 The part movement is on continuous conveyor using SS chain-sprocket mechanism.
 Honey comb chain conveyor / slatted chain conveyor can be used as per part geometry and requirement.
 Spray wash, spray rinse, compressed air chop and hot air dry process can be adopted.
 Spray rust inhibition can be added. Fixed or pneumatically operated spray manifolds can be provided.
 Start-stop of parts at required location can be provided.
 PLC based control panel with fully automatic operation.
 All wet parts in SS 304.

Front Loading Rotary Table in Faridabad Haryana Delhi NCR North India

Front Loading Rotary Table
 These machines are generally used for general cleaning applications before going to next machining opertion.
 Pneumatically operated up-down lid.
 Penumatically operated to and fro basket movement.
 Continuous rotation of basket during all processes.
 High pressure spray with dedicated nozzle are provided inside the chamber.
 The basket containing the componets rotates at fixed speed of 3-5 RPM.
 The spray nozzles are fixed at apartculer position so that all the surfaces are exposed to the spray.
 Fully automatic operation using PLC based control panel.
 High pressure spray wash, Spray rinse and hot air drying facility.
 All the safety features included liquid level, liquid temp, air temp. Rotation, close/open, basket location etc.
 Mist collector to avoid fumes coming out of system.
 properly sealed front lid.
 Continuous as well as inline filtration for better cleaning results and more bath life.
 Single frame mounted enit with easy maintenance features.
 All wet parts in SS 304.
 Can handle load upto 400 kgs.
 Filtration with bag filter and SS mesh filter to increase the life of location.